Francis Pérez

Francis Pérez was born in the Canary Islands and began in underwater photography, taking photographs of the sea of Tenerife. As an ocean lover and a keen diver, he approaches the underwater world with a unique style.

His images show his own point of view in places like Indonesia, the Red Sea, Malaysia, South Africa, Mozambique, the Philippines, Micronesia, the Galapagos, Chile, Mexico, Cuba and the Canary Islands.

In recent years he has collaborated with many magazines and books such as National Geographic Spain and books such as Blue Hope by Sylvia Earle published by National Geographic where one of his images was the cover. SeaLegacy member «the collective».

He has been awarded numerous international photography competitions around the world including the prestigious WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2017, 1st prize in nature.
The sample photographs were selected following the criteria of the author art and the species were photographed in their own environment.

I hope that this web page helps to spread the fragile and impressive “world of silence” and, therefore, to expand human capacities to protect it.

You are fortunate for:

“Because as soon as I walk out the door of my house I can take nature photography. I have traveled many places in the world and I always come home thinking that we have some of the best climates I know for all kinds of outdoor activities, including nature photography. “

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Francis Pérez