Juanjo Ramos

I define myself as a naturalist, in the purest style of the Victorian naturalists of the 19th century, I am a nature and travel photographer and a specialist in ecotourism. Although my great passion is the world of travel to natural destinations, birds and everything that surrounds them. I have my base camp in a town in the northwest of the island of Tenerife at the foot of the Teno Rural Park and Monte del Agua, one of the last redoubts of Laurisilva Canaria on the planet.

I develop my professional work as owner manager of the company Birding Canarias, a small company specialized in ecotourism (creation of products, advice to destinations, training of professionals and design of materials and promotional events), environmental communication and conservation and dissemination of biodiversity. I have developed projects for different companies, administrations and NGOs in the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, the Wild Islands, Madeira, Andalusia, the Dominican Republic, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. My work motto is always “if the project is far better than at home, even if less money is earned, I will already earn in experiences, emotions and friends …”

One of my passions is the communication and dissemination of the natural heritage, this passion has led me to write several books, articles for popular and scientific magazines, written scripts for documentaries and directed some audiovisuals. If you want to browse my publications you can do it on the Academy page or learn more about my professional work on Linkedin.

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Getting up every morning, looking out the window and seeing what the weather is like at the mountains or on the coast and then packing your backpack and taking your camera is one of the things I value the most about Tenerife. Having everything at hand, mountain or coast, a small island-continent. The thousand possibilities that it gives to a lover of nature is one of the things that fascinates me and of course, the diversity of landscapes and the biodiversity that lives in it.

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Juanjo Ramos