Imeldo Bello

Imeldo Bello was born in Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) in 1947. The son of a family with a photographic and pictorial tradition, he introduced himself to painting when he was four years old, drawing with excrement on the wall of his house. He continues his training at the local academy of Doña Manuela and with the support of the private classes of Father Lucinio, at the Colegio San Agustín.

Thanks to Pedro González, he took the Fine Arts entrance exam. Studies that he finally decided not to pursue. He also half-stopped his foray into the Higher School of Architecture. By accident, he finished his Teaching studies, teaching until 2002. Since then he has devoted himself entirely to painting, photography and the rest of his passions, which are many.

He is related to artists of the 70s and, in a special way, with César Manrique. Still, his influences are universal. His pending project is to enter the world of cinematography. Everything will go…

You are fortunate for:

We are strongly linked to dreams. We live in this dream of being Fortunate in the Canary Islands. Living here has positive consequences, looking from the perspective that makes you feel delighted.

In this fragile world that we have lived in, the human being and nature itself intervene in a decisive way, which sometimes behaves catastrophically.

Caring for the seas and the whole of nature is essential to sustain life. We are responsible for the excessive consumption of plastics that invades the coasts and the oceans. To continue feeling Fortunate, it is urgent to act.

May all the charm and beauty that we fall in love with in this attractive environment germinate in these beautiful islands, we are volcanic land, sea and air. Preserve all the shelters that nature has been giving us so generously.

How grateful and Fortunate …. please!

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Imeldo Bello